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VenomFangX (Shawn) is one of the many popular young individuals on YouTube who openly discusses criticisms and skepticisms of God. In this particular video, he provides strong logical proof of Christianity by challenging skeptics to fully understand their position when they say the prophecies and historical contexts of the Bible are a man-made fantasy.

(Shawn 0:01) "Hey there, today's video is basically going to be a case for Christianity. I am going to present an argument to you that I believe is so irrefutable that you will not be able to call yourself a rational thinking person and not convert to Christianity."

(Shawn 0:15) "Now many people actually already believe in God they just don't know which religion to turn to in order to find the true and living God. Well, I am here to say to you God does not want a religion, he wants a relationship. It was a religion that crucified Jesus and I believe Jesus is God. We're not going to get there yet.

(Shawn 0:32) "The Bible is actually the most unique book in all of antiquity in fact in the whole history of mankind. It is not actually one book written by one ambiguous guy that we know nothing about, unlike the Koran and other supposed "Holy books". The Bible is a compilation of many books, around 66 books written over a period of many thousands of years. These books within the Bible are actually written by over forty different authors who lived lifetimes apart and often in countries apart."

(Shawn 1:00) "There's no way they could have corresponded with each other being so far apart in both geography and just in time. These various authors progressively revealed a God who, going by the name of Yahweh or "I Am" in English. This God revealed the plan of redemption for mankind going right back to the book of Genesis, the first book in the Bible, all the way to Malachi."

(Shawn 1:24) "Now, if you don't believe God is big enough to use man as a tool in his hand to write a book to get it to you then you need a bigger God. Basically, if I was to write a letter in a red pen, did I write the letter or did the red pen? You wouldn't say the red pen wrote it, you'd say I wrote it, likewise God wrote the Bible over many thousands of years using men as his instrument in so doing.

(Shawn 1:43) "So, what can we find within the text to say that this is not just of a human origin, that it is clearly of supernatural origin. Let's talk about that. Now I know that I am speaking as if I have already proven the existence of God to you, and... I have other videos about proving the existence of God and you can consult those if you want too, but lets talk about the Bible and how it itself is proof of God.

(Shawn 2:08) "Now, lets just go with the hypothetical that God is real and he wants us to worship him and know him. Just looking at the very texts that we use today [that] are all around the world for the various Gods we have such as Hinduism, Buddhism, the Koran for Islam, the Bible for the Christians and the Torah for the Jews. There are other lesser scriptures but it seems to me if God is really concerned with human affairs, then he would want us all to have his word. The Bible is not only the most printed book in the history of mankind, it is also the one book that has been translated into the most languages. So just by the sheer numbers and the sheer amount of people that have the Bible in their hands it seems God has been using that book uniquely more than any other book. That alone should point you in the Direction, if there is a God, that's an if, although I've proved it in other videos but if there is a book that God is circulating for us to know his will for us it seems the Bible is the one."

(Shawn 3:04) "Now lets talk about the contents of the Bible and why we would be able to open it up and say "Hmm, there's no way a man could have wrote that." And that is exactly what we would expect if God indeed wrote that book right? And, of course, I have already said it's not just one book, it's many books. God wouldn't exactly make us just rely on what one person said and I'm not even asking you to rely on what I said, pick up the Bible and look for it yourself I am not making up stuff. The greatest miracle and the greatest proof in the Bible's favor is actually Jesus Christ himself and the spreading of the gospel message. Yes the Bible is reaching every nation in the world, and the amazing thing is the prophecies given by the old prophets of the Torah of Israel, they all said the messiah to come would bring the entire world into the knowledge of the God of Israel.

(Shawn 3:51) "Jesus is no doubt the single vessel in which this has become a reality, now there is a timeline given by the prophets before Jesus was born and if you don't believe these texts were written before Jesus was born look to the discovery of the dead sea scrolls, they were discovered in 1948 or 1947, and they have all of the Old Testament books in them. These old testament books contain the prophecies of the messiah to come and they were written before Jesus came. They said the messiah would come, die and then the temple would be destroyed. This messiah had to bring the whole world into the knowledge of Israel before his death and before the destruction of the second temple in 70 A.D. which happened right after Jesus died.

(Shawn 4:31) "So either Jesus is the messiah or there is none and every evidence in all reality points to the fact that he is because look at the whole world, it knows now the God of Israel. All the gentiles of the world now worship the God of Israel, who was simply the God of the Israelites until Jesus was known. So, imagine then, I mean if you're being completely skeptical here and your saying you still don't believe it. Basically here is what you believe, you believe that a book was written about a fictitious God who gave a timeline of when someone would come along, born in Bethlehem, born of a virgin, give great miracles, die, be resurrected from the dead, people actually believe in him, spread the message to the whole world. You believe that was to happen, given the exact timeline that you've given, because you believe this was fictionally written by some fallible men. So this fictional God that just someone made up, came up with all that stuff and then it came to pass.

(Shawn 5:20) "I mean, what are the odds of that? Why don't you try it? Go ahead and try it. Write about some fictional messiah, and then some people actually have to meet him, believe in him, then spread the message to the whole world and the whole world has to believe it and then on top of that, you have to have people like me who are of Jewish background come to the realization and recognition of this messiah who was then foretold in your scriptures above all else when I actually pray to this God he actually answers me. So uhh.. yeah you've got a heavy task at hand.

(Shawn 5:47) "What's even more incredible than that simply ludicrous hypothetical that the Bible could have been just made up and happened to fulfill all the prophecies that it made about itself. If you look at Isaiah 49 it talks about the redeemer of Israel coming and being a light to the Gentiles and being abhorred by the nation of Israel. So, tell me, what are the chances of this? You have this holy text, which the Israelites, which are the Jews, they believe... they believe every word of it. Within their own text it says that they would abhor the redeemer to come and that the whole Gentile world would receive the messiah, the redeemer, and then at the same time they would still continue to reject him even though he has fulfilled their own prophecies. Do you see how incredible that is?

(Shawn 6:30) "And then on top of that you have the Muslims which are a fulfillment of prophecy as well. For you see, Jesus said, and all throughout scripture we see, that the anti-Christ, who is anyone who rejects that Jesus is the messiah and the son of God, would come in to seed the whole world. We all know that the Muslims, or Islam is a very progressive religion. It is spreading. Jesus said that the deception of the anti-Christ would be over the whole world and I have said in an earlier video that Muslims are very proud that their religion is growing so fast and it just is a fulfillment of what Jesus said that the anti-Christ would come, and that the deception would be over the whole world.

(Shawn 7:05) "Now, lets do another hypothetical. What are the chances of a fictional religion coming up with a messiah figure who would come, be foretold to be rejected by the very believers of the messiah, then be accepted by the whole world and then, right after that, a anti-Christ or an anti-Messiah like figure would come and then have the whole world reject this messiah. I mean, it's just layer upon layer upon layer and all of them are coming to pass. Now if you believe that's just a blind chance or coincidence, umm, that's ridiculous."

(Shawn 7:38) "So, lets just do a recap of everything we talked about. In fact were going to do a little bit of history of the Bible. Let's start back from the very beginning when God revealed himself. So God, Yahweh, "I Am" revealed himself to Moses... he gave his ten commandments and started giving prophecies about the redeemer to come. So, all throughout scripture we can look at Isaiah, who spoke I think more than any other of the prophets of the messiah to come.

(Shawn 8:05) "If you look at Isaiah 7:14 it talks about the virgin birth. If you look at Isaiah 9:6 it talks about how this child would be called God. If you go to Isaiah 53 it talks about how the messiah would suffer and die for our sins. If you look at Isaiah 49 it talks about how this redeemer would come and be rejected and abhorred by the nation but be a light to the Gentiles.

(Shawn 8:23) "So, here we have this, I'm looking at it from an atheistic point of view, I'm trying to, you know, help you guys out here. Basically you believe that these Israelites made up their religion and... made up this savior figure who then, did come, or you say they made [him] up as well, this Jesus of Nazareth who is documented in history but lets say, for the sake of argument that he is made up. Okay so, he comes in fiction. So people start writing stories about this messiah who then fulfilled prophecies from an Atheist point of view.

(Shawn 8:52) "So, people then accept it and say "Yeah, okay, he fulfilled scriptures" and then there is the people of the old faith who then reject this messiah according to prophecy, or according to what their fictional story said. ...Then, this new fictional story about Jesus says within it's scripture that then there would come a point where someone else would come and then have all of the world reject this new belief. So then Islam comes around, and you have them fulfilling exactly what these other fictional writers are saying about the anti-Christ.

(Shawn 9:23) "So, it seems to me that... this is not just a coincidence after coincidence after coincidence. This is simply the greatest hoax or the greatest... what's the word I am looking for... Basically I don't even think there is a word for it, it's so astronomically impossible that I simply cannot believe that ... there's any other explanation than the Bible is true. There's just nothing, I mean, come on, let's be serious.

(Shawn 9:49) "How can you possibly believe that all of that, I mean, and that's just scratching the surface. The Bible's a real thick book and every prophecy in it has come true except the ones that are about the last days which are coming true now. So, if you still want to maintain... a Naturalistic world-view and believe the Bible is just written by man you're giving a lot for men, to men, for coming up with such an ingenious story and having it all fulfilled. So, if you're still an Atheist or you're still completely skeptical check out my other videos and just really ask yourself, how can everything I just mentioned be possible if there is no God if what is being written is simply fictional. It transcends any fictional writing in the history of mankind."

This video has been typed out so others can view Shawn's argument in the written form, allowing for further research into the subject.

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