How A Society Can Protect Children from Pornography

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A society's acknowledgment of its own sexual irresponsibility is the first step in recovering from the sexualization that is destroying the lives of Children. Changing the laws and regulation of a society are not going to solve the primary issue behind rampant and un-regulated pornography, it is only through the raising of societal awareness will action be taken. Eventually the laws will change themselves.

C.S. Lewis said it best, "Change the hearts of mankind and the laws will change themselves." As a society we are all responsible for the well-being and the protection of both ourselves and our neighbors. For this reason, acknowledging a travesty such as the effects on children of rampant un-regulated pornography on the internet as well as parental irresponsibilities is the first step in our society overcoming such a devastating issue.

Many have heard the adage that one ought to "raise awareness" of issues that are causing pain and suffering, this is quite possibly one of the best methods to bring a society to change. Laws and restrictions do not remedy an imbedded problem within a society, it is only a bandaid to the real problem. The real problem lies within the heart of society, such that if individuals really desire to break those laws, they will inevitably do so and will inevitably do what they can within their power to change those laws.

Therefore, if we as a society want to bring about change, then we ought to do so by illustrating the need for change, so that we can change the hearts of those who might be both unaware of the need and unaware of how their own decisions might be causing devastation to others. Pornography's effect on children is one such case. It is through the raising of awareness of the issues and struggles children are facing in a sexualized culture that will bring about an understanding within society that regulations and better parenting in combination are necessary to protect Children from exposure.

One has often asked me, "Should we ban pornography?" The answer is straight-forward, "If society desires a system of un-regulated pornography, the regulation of it will not remedy that desire, only changing societies understanding of the detriments and harmful effects of un-regulated pornography can make people change, and if the perspective of individuals change, the laws will change themselves." We cannot, for our own sakes, ban that which a majority of people feel is justified without first establishing and raising awareness to why it ought to be unjustified. Unfortunately, reasoning why it ought to be unjustified first requires it's justification so the effects of it can be drawn.

In other words, it is through societal irresponsibility of pornography that the harmful effects on children can be illustrated. However, this means that children and families must suffer before that awareness can be drawn. That is the primary issue that many Christians struggle with. In a society of mixed faiths and one in which consists of both believers and non-believers - many Christians find themselves trying to stop the suffering before it happens by heeding the advice of God. Society, on the other hand, who does not embrace the faith, does not understand the reason for the justification.

As a result, Christians ought to be the ones who are constantly attempting to raise awareness of the detrimental effects of breaking God's law in a society and raising awareness of the breaking of those laws to bring both non-believers to understanding the truths of God's laws and bringing society to the awareness of the need to protect itself. It is only through changing how society sees and perceives the world that laws will be changed and that change will be enforced.

Craig Chamberlin

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