Individuals Should Not Take Truth at Face Value

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The ultimate goal of the subjects covered in these writings is not to impress or imbue doctrinal followings of Christianity. The aim is to get the reader to view the perspective of the modern generation critically. It is very likely some issues covered will not be covered with 100% accuracy, as I am only one man and am a sinner just as any other man.

I implore the reader to read into each and every subject extensively to gain all perspectives on the issues that are facing the modern generation. There are countless resources that exist on the internet that cover each of these topics both extensively and sometimes exclusively. I hope that the many readers of this weblog do not take what is said at face value, rather they look at it and attempt to both apply it to society and analyze it critically from others perspectives.

As a Christian I hold the belief that Christ illustrated the truths necessary to create both a loving and compassionate society not through laws, but through love. In his teachings he covered every aspect of human life and gave the possibility of both understanding and learning how to apply his teachings using both the living word (the Bible) and communion with the Holy Spirit (belief, prayer and worship in him). He gave these two so they could be used in unison and not as a stand alone - in other words, if an individual uses only the Bible as a means to learn and understand Christ and never communes with God will find the teachings of Christ difficult if not impossible. I know this from personal experience. Also, using only the communion with Christ may leave the believer with little foundation of the Christ he believes in, allowing him to be easily swayed.

If the Christian community truly believes Christ was who he said he was, then the truths of his teachings ought to be evident in everyday life. This is through both the reforming of the individuals desires to be good instead of evil and through the application of Christ's teachings to modern day issues. For example, if Christ illustrates the dangers and ramifications of lustful thought, then the consequences of accepting lustful thought into ones lifestyle ought to have spiritual (individual), societal and cultural consequences.

Ultimately, both the relationship with Christ and ones desire to seek out the truths of the Bible is entirely up to the commitment of the individual doing the reading. I ask, no I implore, the reader not to take my words as the truth. Instead, they ought to seek out the truths for themselves.

Craig Chamberlin

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