The Uncomfortable Selfish Truth About Pornography

Thursday, April 10, 2008 | Labels: , , | |

There are a number of aspects to pornography that raise important questions. Analyzing the motives behind the purpose and the desire for pornography is an important issue, as pornography is currently both a widely consumed and produced product in society today. When one "looks behind the moral curtain" they find an uncomfortable truth associated with pornography.

It is important for individuals to realize that pornography is inherently selfish. The act of seeking out something to satisfy ones own desires developes a selfish mindset in the individual. The reason pornography is different than anything else is because the product which is seeked out is another human being. This is far different than one seeking out 'alcohol' or 'drugs' to give themselves pleasures. When alcohol are drugs are objectified it does not adversely affect a relationship with that product, because the product itself is devoid of feeling and personality.

When an individual becomes accustomed to seeking out the 'product' of another human being to satisfy their own selfish desires it causes detrimental affects to their relationships with other humans. When a man often seeks out pornography to satisfy their own desires they begin to look at women as a means to that end as well. Women, therefore, become the product similar to that of a drug abuser or an alcoholic. When alcohol is seen through the lens of the alcoholic they find an overpowering desire to use that alcohol to fulfill themselves.

The results are devastating. The individual who becomes the "lustaholic" or "casual lust drinker" no longer can see the product (or women) as being more than a means to satisfy their own desires. As a result, they find both difficulty and strife in the development of a non-sexual relationship with those individuals. This is what is known as objectification. It is important for one to realize that objectification is not something that one simply chooses to do, it is something that merely happens as a result of using women as objects and behaviorally training oneself to respond to other human beings as a means to satisfy ones own desires instead of empathizing for them.

How does one battle this epidemic? Lust is one of the most powerful temptations to each and every individual. Many non-Christians have made the mistake of believing that Christians have no desire to seek out pornography or the objectification of the opposite sex, this is simply not true. The difference is Christians try their best to battle these desires with both the knowledge that God knows what is best for them and with the realization that using others to satisfy our own desires will only further separate us from treating each-other has human beings instead of treating each-other as brothers and sisters of mankind.

Craig Chamberlin