Majority of Digg Community Encourages Underage Orgies

Friday, March 28, 2008 | Labels: | |

Although the criticisms of this post will come ten fold, some things ought be said about the response of the Digg community to the most recent post entitled "End of the school term? Lets have an orgy!" I encourage all individuals to see the dis-heartening responses for themselves.

Any individual who has been exposed to the Internet for a fairly large amount of time would know, there are at times when many individuals respond to articles in seemingly sarcastic anonymous humor. There is no doubt that this anonymity allows an individual to state things they normally would not state in a face-to-face interaction.

For this reason, the Internet is a beautiful thing in that it gives the user more freedom to express their true thoughts or take on a persona to express thoughts they normally would not express. With the disclaimer out of the way, the responses to this particular article were not only dis-heartening, but devastatingly concerning.

One may find it dis-heartening, that when articles discussed about government controversies and torture victims of the war are posted on Digg the sympathy runs rampant. However, when a group of young adults, assumed to be under the age of 18, participate in a mass orgy after their graduation, there is a celebration within the Digg community. Many requesting pictures and videos of the minors in their orgy and expressing disappointment that they themselves could not participate in the event.

Is there a heart for sexuality anymore? Does no one understand the horrific possibilities of consequences that can befall these young men and women as a result of this behavior? Ought there not be an outcry of discouragement for such dangerous behaviors? Would they say the same thing if it were their daughters and sons? Their sisters and brothers?

The article illustrates the rampant drug use that coincided with this event. This ought to be a day of shame for the Digg community, as they Dugg down those individuals who felt sympathy for the families and community of this correlation of poor behavior. It is not a laughable situation, sexuality is a powerful entity and can have a permanent impact on each individuals life.

Craig Chamberlin