The Blessing When God Seems Distant

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There are days where God seems so distant. On those days it seems everything one is trying to spiritually accomplish has been set back a league or two. The Christian heart is an interestingly cyclical thing. On some days the spirit seems so near that everything one sees and does has with it a sense of God's presence. On other days everything one sees and does has with it the obvious stains of the sinful heart.

On those days distant from God, the Christian finds themselves in a shameful position of wondering where they went wrong with God. Oddly, one is proned to question their own spiritual condition when their own feelings of God are distant. Feelings in general are a dangerous allurement to the Christian. If the Christian expects to feel closeness with God at all times then it becomes dangerous on those days when they do not feel so close.

God's promise is that he is always near, whether one feels him or not. Truth, in and of itself is an entity apart from feelings. Ironically, it is on those days that the Christian needs God the most. The flesh on days where God seems distant is quick to fill that spiritual hole with that of the world. More than often, on days of distance the heart turns to the biggest vice that particular Christian possesses. For the one with the vice of lust, they turn to pornography and impure thoughts. For the one with the vice of greed, to their work and worry of debts and finances. For the one with the vice of envy, to their ever bitter noticing attention of those who possess something of their desires.

Satan is quick to jump on the Christian whose feelings are distant from God. He knows the power of feelings over the word of God in times of or lives, he knows the weakness of the flesh is his biggest weapon. It is a window of opportunity for him to steer the Christian towards the embracing the scalpel of sin that can spiritually slash the Christians connection with the spirit. Once this is accomplished, he never forgets to finish the job by belittling the Christian who gave into his allurements and attempting to push the Christian into believing God will not be merciful on him for his betrayal.

Jesus Christ is merciful, and he doesn't forget those days where we feel distant from him and still bend to his will nor does he fail to extend forgiveness to those who return to him in shame and repentance of our deeds. The distancing of God often times is a reminder to the individual that they still need God, and without him, the feeling of distance from God would be permanent. We should find comfort in knowing that although some days the distance can seem unbearable, the promise of the reunion with God is true - and how long that distance sometimes is can truly show us how much sweeter that reunion will be.

"Am I only a God nearby," declares the LORD, "and not a God far away?"

- Jeremiah 23:22-24

Craig Chamberlin