Truth is Artfully Etched in the Hearts of Mankind

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 | Labels: , | |

Etched into the heart of every individual is the key to God's existence. Man, as noble and intelligent of a creature he is, often masks that which is simple with his intellectual layers. The explanations offered by sciences of behavior and of theological and philosophical understandings aim to fulfill one basic idea, the answer to the basic questions that lie within the heart of man.

These fundamental questions are often asked with the wonderous word of "Why?", but it is unreasonable to ask such a question without the expectations that there lies within it an answer. To deny that the human heart craves something beyond understanding, beyond the real is to deny that which makes us human. It is this inquiry that is often overlooked as being normal, yet, it is not normal. No other creature of the world tortures itself with such unanswerable questions of meaning and purpose.

It is within this that we find a profound yet beautiful etching of God onto our hearts. This crave for intelligence, for justice, for a Utopia so far beyond our own world is what makes man reflective of God's will. We desire to know his intelligence, we seek his justice and desire his Utopia. The men who deny God seek this eternal knowledge for their own benefits, but they seek it none-the-less. They want his intelligence to bring about their own glories, his justice to take it for themselves and manipulate it to their will and the image of his Utopia so they can try to create one of their own.

Oh what a vastly simple trait that all men carry, yet none very often acknowledge it and many blatantly refuse too. The soul has been discussed since Plato and Socrates in 430 BC. This divine desire to understand a world within our own hearts, apart from the material realities that stand before us. This is, in the vastness of all intellectual and apologetic defenses, one of the most powerful and divine illustrations of God's existence. It is the conscience that is unexplainable by the material world. The divine truth etched into our hearts screams in pain when it bears witness to the atrocities of this world. It is this divine etching that brought C.S. Lewis from an Atheist to a believer of God.

None can deny the power of this etching, but they can choose to ignore it. They can bury the beautiful etching of God's truths from their hearts and embrace the material world in it's form. All who deny it's existence must fight off and mask this pain with their intellect. Mankind, since the beginning of time, has done just that, to deny God is to deny the truths that lie within ones own heart. The results are an accumulation of devastating incoherence and confusion, a collage of rights and wrongs materialized from the flawed intellect of man. If only man would soften their hearts, acknowledge their desire for the eternity of God, and seek the one who etched this beauty into each and every soul.

Why can they not see you, oh Lord? How incredible it is one can illustrate the beauty of God's existence in such a simple yet profound question.

"God has set eternity in their hearts, yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end" - Ecclesiastes 3:11

Craig Chamberlin