A Call to Digg Atheists to Denounce Religious Intolerance

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Many ideas were discussed in yesterday's post that put well respectable and well minded atheists in a position of discomfort. Today, I wanted to expand on some ideas of remembering not all atheists are disrespectful and extend an invitation to well minded atheists to denounce the religious intolerance portrayed on the study discussed to give a better perspective.

Yesterday's post dealt with the religious intolerance espoused by a large number of atheists in the Digg community in response to an article discussing correlations between religion and happiness. There was a very valid concern that was raised in the resulting discussions that ought to be acknowledged. A few individuals very respectably pointed out that not all atheists fall under the umbrella of those who espoused the religious intolerance.

Those of us who are dealing with criticisms and touching on the idea of religious intolerance need to avoid broad generalizations. There are, indeed, many believers and non-believers who have valid and respectable positions and contradictions that they do not fully understand. Also, they have complete respect for those who are in disagreeance with them. It is important that all remember that Jesus commanded us to "love our neighbors."

There are ways to lovingly disagree with an individual. I hope that my responses did not convey the idea that I hold for myself a hatred or contempt for those who argued the points discussed. I was merely attempting to point out the apparent intolerances that lie within the arguments. The ultimate goal is not to put the other individual down, but to get them thinking about the context, coherency and implications of their argument.

One final important issue exists, however. There was a larger consensus on Digg for the approval of religious intolerance rather than the disapproval - reflective in the Diggs themselves. There were not many, but there were some, outcries from the atheistic community demanding respect for those with religious beliefs. I applaud their efforts.

I call to those who are in full disagreeance with the comments that were made to participate fully in denouncing their fellow atheists who espoused these intolerances, show us that there is a large number of atheists who vehemently disagree with their intolerances. I would expect no less from the theist community as well if a theist espouses intolerance towards the opposing viewpoint. The fact that so few denounced the intolerances established the consensus of that particular community, despite the few outcries against them. Feel free to post them in Digg comments section.

When they see it occuring, it is the responsibility of the well-minded individual to establish to their constituents that intolerances are unacceptable. If they do not, then it ought to be expected that the individuals being hurt by that particular group will be openly discussing their arguments. When illustrating my generation, those who are respectable to others viewpoints have simply become too few and far between.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Craig Chamberlin